all® free clear is the mildest* sensitive skin detergent1

Reinvented all® free clear exhibited superior mildness* compared with other popular sensitive skin detergents when evaluated using a combination of 3 skin care tests1:

blue check markZein – a skin industry standard used to quantify protein denaturing using a keratin-like protein

blue check markCytokine – in lieu of animal testing, an EpiDerm™ skin model was used to test the level of keratinocyte-derived
IL-1α, which is a predictor of potential skin irritation

blue check markCorneosurfametry – this test assesses the degradation of SC proteins and lipids using top layers of skin
that are soaked in detergent, and then placed in a dye to highlight damage

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Measuring the overall superior mildness* of all® free clear
DMI icon

A Detergent Mildness Index (DMI) score was developed to evaluate overall mildness of detergents across the 3 separate scientifically conducted tests. Data from the zein, cytokine, and corneosurfametry tests were combined and standardized to obtain a composite score for each detergent.9-11

Reinvented all® free clear exhibited superior mildness* by achieving the most favorable DMI composite score compared with other leading detergents.1

clinical data chart

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*Milder using a combination of 3 tests: zein, cytokine, and corneosurfametry. Patch test results were the same across all sensitive skin detergents tested.

  1. Data on file, The Sun Products Corporation.